In the beginning

So, there I was at the end of a project, thinking "I want to start a new one", but I was unsure what kind.   I could have gone back to working on the, still unnamed, racing game, but I just wasn't feeling it.   

I knew what I was feeling I wanted to do, but I really couldn't quantify it, like tip of the tongue syndrome.  I had given up and decided to the thought stew in the back of my mind and hopefully come up with a solution.  During that time I decided to watch the weekly episode of one of my favorite YouTube channels Outside Xtra.

 In the show hosts - Ellen and Luke - discuss what games they have both been playing that week and then one of the host's quizzes the other on the  games they played in the previous week.  This week, it was Luke's turn to quiz Ellen.  However, this week Luke decided to change things up a bit and instead of a quiz he made a choose your own adventure story for Ellen.

At some point while watching it hit me, "new take on text based adventure games!"  based, very loosely, on the story Luke's story.  The setting and the thread described in the show would be mostly left in tact however quite a bit will be added.

Like the story would have sound effects and art assets in the background to help player along with additional effects to aid player immersion, as seen in the second update.  

Also, there would be no "insta death" that text based adventures are famous for instead it would be replaced with a Quick Time Event style event that would give the player a fighting chance in the even a player makes a poor dialog choice (as seen in update 4).

Additionally, the story would be modified to create more uncertainty and dread.  Along with the addition of a monster, one that is nothing like a traditional zombie or army goon.  Something that can't be shot, stabbed, blown up, or stopped in any of the traditional methods that the FPS genera make such liberal use of.  Something that fits much better into this type of game.  A monster that is a reminder of the dangers of obsession.  

The story would also hope to establish a universe answering how the protagonist got there and why.  

I have posted video updates every week and I hope to continue to do so.  The game currently has no release date, but I'm shooting for the end of summer at the very latest. 



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