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This is moving over to Itch because Game Maker Player is shutting down. it has well over 100 downloads on that site

This is Digagomi, a 3D modeling software that makes 3D models specifically for Game Maker.

This Program works a lot like a very low grade verison of blender, where there are tools to create a 3D asset which are exported to a text file. That text can then be turned into a script by simply copying it and pasting it into a script file. The script file will draw the model in game maker and it will scale it to the size of the object.

some notes-

-Project is very buggy.

- the X, Y, and Z axis are linked to the Q/A, W/S, and E/D keys with the top keys being positive and the lower keys negitive

-each new model makes a new texture when exported

-models will rotate with the object they are placed in

-something is wrong with the current save state design. it will not permanently save designs, and game will crash on occasions after exiting the help room. so all modeling must be done in one sitting.

The good news is, if your artest, anything you make can easily be transfered to game maker and by extentsion sold on an asset store

here are some examples of stuff I made with Digagomi

3D cabinet


3D Table


3D Painting


3D door


Published Mar 19, 2017
StatusOn hold
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags3D, Art Book, Crafting, GameMaker, Level Editor, modeling


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