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Hey there, good job on finishing a game for this jam :) I quite like the concept, but it can also be quite dizzying if the player keeps spinning the same way around, haha. Also some feedback: I would make the left/right movement 'hold to move' instead of 'press once to keep moving'. This way people have a bit more control, and they're usually used to it, since it's a first-person perspective. I liked the way the scenery changed after a while, it made for quite a dreamy atmosphere with all the huge trees and mountains and I LOVED THE BLENDER MONKEY FACE :D Also: For some reason ducking with 's' is broken (wont stick if you hold it), but it isn't broken when using down arrow. Anyway, I hope you find something useful in my feedback, good job on making a game!

Thank you for the feedback.   In an update, which I will release once I can, I have fixed the controls.  The S duck issue was basically an auto correct error that turned a constant check into a single check.  also I increased the snappiness of the left right controls.

and thanks again for playing it.  I'm glad you had fun.